Testimonio Liz Durán

Liz and Héctor

After 6 years looking for a baby, without planning and with thousands of doubts, we arrived to Centro Fecundar by the end of October 2016. Dr. Ariel Pérez Young sent us a series of exams to study in depth our inability to get a pregnancy. It is expected that when entering Centro Fecundar Costa Rica, many doubts came to mind. We realized that I was not ovulating and on top of that, to our surprise, they discovered I had a mutation called Heterozygous Thrombolifter MTHFR 677t. A thousand doubts appeared. Thank God we found the fundamental support in this process at Centro Fecundar, not just from the doctors but also from the staff. We got a better understanding of this condition, and learned that it did not have to be an obstacle to become a mom. With a good medical control and treatment, we could achieve it.

It was back then in June 2017, that we carried out an in vitro, and successfully obtained a positive; although the happiness unfortunately did not last long, since at week 8 of our pregnancy,’ there was no heartbeat found. Dr. Ariel send me more tests to study more thoroughly if there was something else that was not helping us conceive. That was when we realized that I also had SAF. We waited 10 months after our loss to try again, and it was in May 2018 when we achieved our new positive. Many fears invaded us due to the recent experience, but with good medical management we achieved it. Our little loved one arrived on January 1st. He was born a week earlier than expected. He is in perfect health, and did not need oxygen help. We were discharged from the hospital and we went home together.

We are thankful to Centro Fecundar for their great help in achieving our dream of being parents. We hope, in a not distant time, to find a brother or sister for our son with our remaining frozen eggs.

To the couples that are looking to start a family today, I would advise them not to give up. The road is not easy, nobody said that it would be. The important thing to keep in mind is to be persistent, remain positive, have good communication with your doctors and partner, and above all, complete trust in God. With God’s help, Dr. Ariel, and his team, our dreams were fulfilled.

Today we give thanks to God and Fecundar Center for their support and great work. It´s because of them that today we be able to say : YES, WE DID IT! We beat Trombolifia, and thanks to a good diagnosis and the indicated treatment, today we have our son in our arms! We will be always grateful to you!


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