More than 15 years
of experience
more than 2500 babies
At Centro Fecundar Costa Rica – Panama, founded by doctors Ariel Pérezand Raúl Berbey we are certified specialists in Reproductive Medicine, properly recognized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Costa Rica’s Medical College, Costa Rica’s Health Ministry and Panama’s Heath Ministry.
One in every six couples the world over suffers from fertility issues and has been attempting to achieve a pregnancy unsuccessfully for over a year.

The branch of science known as Reproductive Medicine helps couples achieve their greatest desire, a child of their own.


San José, Costa Rica
In our offices in San José, Costa Rica, located at Cima Hospital San José and Avenida Escazú, we conduct artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization respectively.

Panamá city, Panamá
We also have offices in Panama, at the Paitilla Medical Center.
Our Assisted Reproduction laboratories are equipped in compliance with the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine with Sperm Banks and Frozen Ovum in both countries.

In Costa Rica we conduct intrauterine insemination and GIFT procedures with extreme precision which is why 9 out of 10 of our patients get pregnant within the first four attempts. Our IVF program in Centro Fecundar Costa Rica has a pregnancy index of 47% to 50% with the patients own ovum and 60% to 65% with donated ovum. 90% of our patients get pregnant within the first 2 attempts.

Our In Vitro costs are $4800, GIFT $3500 and Insemination costs $600 which are completely accessible.

Knowing full well that we live in an ever-changing world, we apply the most recent innovations in the field of reproductive medicine like :

  1. ICSI
  2. Embryo hatching
  3. Cytoplasmic transfer
  4. Embryo glue
  5. Blastocyst, intrauterine insemination with gradients

We include them within the standard services in order to minimize costs and improve results. In both countries we offer In Vitro Fertilization with cryogenic preservation of unused embryos.