In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): The result of the ovum/spermatozoid union outside the woman’s organism, either by placing the ovum in a spermatozoa dilution (conventional In Vitro) or by injection of a spermatozoid in each ovum (ICSI), awaiting fertilization (achieved in approximately 60% of the injected ova) for subsequent transfer into the uterine cavity, via transvaginally.


Tube Damage (obstructed tubes), Male factor (poor sperm), Endometriosis grades II, III, IV, Anovulation (polycystic ovaries), Cervical Factor, Immunological Factor, Unexplained Infertility, cases of Egg Donor.

1. Information Consultation: First time patients are evaluated and tests are indicated to confirm whether they are candidates for an In Vitro fertilization.

2. Coordination Consultation: A consultation is needed between days 5 and 10 after the first menstruation day, 2 months before the date you selected for your In Vitro procedure. Costa Rica and International cases must consult in our Costa Rica office, phone (506) 2208-8417.

3. Alignment: It consists of the use of contraceptive pills in order to synchronize the ovaries and uterus in the same period of the menstrual cycle.

4. Induction and Follicular Monitoring: The use of medication so the ovaries produce various follicles. Then Follicular Monitoring by vaginal ultrasound follows up to adjust the dosage on the 1st, 7th and 10th day of the beginning of the treatment.

5. Collection of Semen samples: This stage consists of the collection of semen samples in the comfort and privacy of your own home or hotel two hours before the follicular aspiration and bring it while storing in at room temperature and avoiding the exposure to the sun or cold temperatures.
In cases of Testicular or Epididymal Aspiration, it will be 20 minutes after the aspiration of the female patient.

6. Follicular Aspiration: It is the aspiration of the ovaries through a needle guided by vaginal ultrasound under anesthetic sedation. It is usually done between 34 and 38 hours after placement of the Ovidrel (HCG).

7. Embryo Transfer: It is the intra-uterine placement of the embryos under guidance of an abdominal ultrasound. It is routinely administered on the 4th or 5th day. Usually we transfer only embryo that are live or active in their cellular division on the day of the transfer. We transfer 2 embryo which in 90% of the cases is what is available, meaning that only 10% of the cases require embryo cryo-freezing.

8. Waiting Period: It is the following 12 days after which a blood pregnancy test must be done.


Our success rate is 47% transferring 2 embryo (day 5), where 83% of pregnancies were of one baby, 17% were twins or two babies. With doctor Ariel Pérez and Raúl Berbey, our Medical Directors and founders in Costa Rica and Panama, you have he advantage as they have over 15 years of experience actively performing INF with over 5 thousand cases of IVF each, making them the specialists with most cases and experience in the field in both PANAMA and COSTA RICA.

Our IVF FIDELITY PROGRAM contemplates assistance (reward to loyalty) to couples who have paid for and two IVF WITH US, offering them a third and even a fourth attempt if needed, in which team honorary and IVF lab costs will be a COURTESY (our centre assumes the $4800 cost so that they try again). Patients need only pay for medication and consultation costs. Unfrozen embryo transfers are not considered as an attempt for the IVF FIDELITY PROGRAM.


Cost details per attempt:

1. Fixed charge for gamete lab, operating room, supplies and anesthesiologist: $3300
2. Medical fees, aspiration and transfer specialist: $1500
Plus consultations ($140 each, there are 3) and medications ($1700 aprox.)


A. Freezing embryos or zygotes are $ 1,000 (includes all zygotes obtained).
B. Transfer of frozen embryos or zygotes $ $ 1,200 (includes $ 500 and $ 700 medical laboratory fees).
C. Egg Donor: It is an extra $8,000. This amount corresponds to the cost of inducing drugs, more consultations, ultrasounds, expenses for studies to the donor (laboratories for HIV, Hepatitis VDRL, CMV, karyotype), psychological and genetic studies. In case two patients share the donor, each one will pay $4,000.
D. Sperm donor: Salt concerning expenditure freeze thawing of samples and laboratory studies the donor cost ($ 600 approx.).
E. Testicular Aspiration: $1600.

For international cases please contact our offices in Costa Rica at (506) 2208.8417